I’m writing a book about starting and growing Design Museum Everywhere (first draft complete!). It’s a mix of my entrepreneurial journey and a practical path and advice for other entrepreneurs looking to launch their idea. Now that the first draft is done, I’m starting to think about the design for the book cover — I’m a designer, I can’t help it! Forget the old saying... people do judge a book by it’s cover. In keeping with the foundational values of Design Museum Everywhere I created this limited-series podcast to provide a peek into the design process for the book cover, and to recruit you, our community, to help with your ideas and feedback.

I’ve partnered with Proportion Design, a really talented full-service branding and design agency here in the Boston-area. Proportion is going to design the cover of my book, and I’m going to share the whole process in this 9-episode, weekly podcast. So you’ll be right there with us in our meetings, while they’re doing their concept design work, while they refine the design, and when we have a finished cover. In between each episode I’ll post Proportion Design’s progress, including their ideas, creative directions, visual concepts, and more, on this website and on social media for your feedback — I would really love for you to be part of this design process and this show.
A limited-series podcast about designing the cover of a book from start to finish, incorporating your feedback along the way.
Sam Aquillano
Founder, Executive Director
Design Museum Everywhere
A full-service branding and design agency built upon a combination of business acumen & exploratory spirit.
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